Hello world!

14 Sep

Hello world is right!  (Thanks WordPress for breaking my blog ice).

So I’ve decided to start a blog and I thought ‘how hard can this be’, turns out I feel like I’m about to go on a blind date, I’m not sure where to start and I strangely feel a bit nervous!

I’ve worked in online advertising for over 4 years now and have (and still do) read my fair share of blogs.  I find them all inspiring and mostly interesting.  If only one person can feel the same way after reading mine I’ll be stoked!

I’ll try not to bore the pants of you, or even worse offend anyone (no promises though!)

I’ve armed myself with a notebook and pen for my handbag so when inspiration strikes I can rein it in and blog till my heart’s content (intentions are marvelous aren’t they?!).

In a nutshell, the point of my blog (originally) was to keep a record of every little bit of spending I do that’s related to our home and it’s ongoing improvements/renovations.  That way I’ll be able to look back and see how much we’ve really spent on it.  Upon thinking about this some more, I have a strong feeling that it might just morph into something totally different… I guess time will tell!

Right, that’s me for now… Please read, comment, interact and enjoy!


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