Under Pressure

21 Sep

The power of Twitter really is quite amazing… I replied to a message with my blog URL and today (according to my blog stats), I’m feeling rather popular, yay!!  No doubt the popularity will take a severe dip once people have had their initial visit, read, nosy round and then never return again!

Don’t get me wrong, I really do want people to keep visiting, it’s just that I feel like I wasn’t really ready to go public.. come out of the closet if you will.

My plan was to get a good few posts under my belt, both for interesting reading (everyone knows content is king) but also to give myself a chance to get used to the idea of blogging.  Oh well, there’s nothing like being under a bit of social pressure to get a girl blogging, right?!

So, the moral of the story… Add me to your favourites, follow me on Twitter and as Apu would say, ‘thank you, come again’.


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