Less Lion & Witch – More Wardrobe!

25 Sep

I’ve managed to fill you in on our bedroom scenario just in time for my next post (no accident there!)….

As mentioned we’ve been living sans wardrobe for about 2-3 months now and we’ve had clothes stashed in our room, the 2 spare rooms, hallway and dining room… mayhem!!

Yesterday was one of the most exciting day’s I’ve had in a while… our wardrobe was FINALLY installed – YAY!!

Again to give you a bit of background… I’m quite big on doing my research and things were no different when it came to my new wardrobe (ok, our new wardrobe… I’ve got to stop doing that!)  I made a trip to the Home Ideas Centre in Petone and spend a lot of time online.  All I found at the Home Ideas Centre was a stand for Boston Wardrobes in Petone which looked quite good.  I also found Innovative Interiors and the Elfa system online.  These 3 made up my shortlist and we went from there.

One thing I soon realised about wardrobes were that they are more expensive than I once thought!  And even though the result is fantastic, I still struggle with this a bit! 

The first option we looked into was the Elfa system.  This was available from all Mitre 10 stores and is a DIY system… how hard could it be?!  I ended up spending nights on end drawing up and pricing various layouts and found myself really confused at the end of it.  I’m sure it’s a good system, but it was just too hard!  I was worried that if I had measured something slightly wrong it would all be out of whack, and not only that but we’d have to install it ourselves!  Another major downfall with this system is that because of the design it can’t hold a lot of weight which was no good for us.  Option 1, Elfa… out!

Option 2 was to use a company who specialised in wardrobe installation.  We thought that this would be a far more expensive option but we soon found that the prices were pretty similar to what the Elfa system would have cost us (the Elfa system isn’t a cheap product!).

I sent a quick e-mail to both companies (Boston & Innovative Interiors) with our wardrobe measurements, a quick drawing, a run-down of what we were after and asked for any ideas, input or advice.  I ended up going back and forth for a few weeks with both companies and I have to say, Innovative Interiors left Boston wardrobes in their dust!

Being a salesperson myself I really appreciate good service and found the person at Boston Wardrobes to be so unhelpful!  He came back with a quick drawing and price, no extra recommendations and keep telling me to go and see their showroom or stall at the Home Ideas Centre (which I’d already told him I’d done!).  Innovative Interiors however were EXCELLENT!

Elizabeth and Simon are a husband and wife team, I dealt with Elizabeth who was super helpful, offering advice and multiple drawings – nothing was too difficult and no question was too silly (or unanswered).  Simon came out and measured up and was also lovely – what a team they made!  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone!  This was enough for us to seal the deal and for a tidy sum of approx $1,100 we ended up with this…  (we’re over the moon!)

Yesss, finally!

Yesss, finally!


2 Responses to “Less Lion & Witch – More Wardrobe!”

  1. mw 25 September 2009 at 12:58 pm #

    Oh my, that is a work of beauty! Hope Matt doesn’t expect to get to use any of that.

    So its this + the shoe wardrobe right?

    • Ros 25 September 2009 at 1:02 pm #

      Absolutely right… I’ve got a the drawer under my bed FULL of shoes… eek!

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