Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

2 Dec

I have to admit, I’m usually a bit of a Christmas junkie but this year I’ve really struggled to get into the festive swing of things.  I’m not too sure why but I feel like it’s crept up on me and I haven’t had a chance to be excited by it yet.  That said, I really love my Christmas tree and get really excited when the time rolls round when I can display it in all it’s glory!

It’s a sweet tree but no tree that is this awesome comes without a story behind it, so here goes…A few Christmas’s ago the lovely Matt ‘sourced’ a local pine tree for me (knowing how much I love real trees), which I was totally stoked about.  It was displayed proudly in the corner of our flat and smelt lovely for weeks – awesome!  Poor Matt however suffers from a spot of hay fever, not so awesome for him.

The following year it again became time to display a dressed up pine our lounge for another few weeks, this year however Matt was dead set against having a real tree due to his hay fever.  I could see his point but struggled with it, since it’s only a few weeks and only 12 months earlier he was in Wellington somewhere with his saw getting only the best for me!

In a nutshell, I ended up having a tantie like a 3 year old and proceeded to jump in the car and find my own tree.  I struggled to find one and ended up pulling up beside some students on The Terrace who were carting a fine looking specimen.  I found myself at Aro School picking out the most handsome (and massive) tree I could find.  On the way home I swung by the chemist and armed myself with a massive pack of hay fever pills.  I pulled up home, threw the pills at Matt and proceeded to have another tantie as I couldn’t get the tree inside all on my lonesome!!

My mammoth efforts were short lived… Poor Matt had the runniest nose and the most itchy eyes I’d ever seen so the tree was turfed outside after a few days, but not before a truce was struck!  If I was having a fake tree I needed the biggest and best one I could find no matter what the cost!  (What’s that I hear you say… high maintenance?  Me?  No!) I absolutely LOVE it… mainly because the lights are built into the tree, you just pop the tiers on top of each other, plug them into each other and then into the wall… voila! (Amazing, I know!)

So low and behold… my beloved Christmas tree (and my little furry helper of course!)


2 Responses to “Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…”

  1. Dane 8 December 2009 at 3:53 pm #

    Thats beautiful Ros – you have a lovely little family there.. you are going to make a wonderful mother!

  2. awainikib 12 December 2009 at 12:56 pm #

    Great, I didn’t heard about that up to the present. Thankz.

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