Bathroom Diaries – Part 2

19 Jul

Luckily for us one of Matt’s friends is a builder and he agreed to help us out in his weekends and after work to get our bathroom done. This was awesome as it would keep the renovation costs way down and the workmanship way up! So with him on board, a long with the plumber and sparkey he’s organised for us it was all on!!

First things first though… the pink had to go…

One of the funnest, messiest and satisfying part of any renovation is surely the demolition stage! For me though, this was one of the parts that I overlooked when I was organising everything for our renovation… rubbish disposal. It didn’t really cross my mind about where we were going to dump all the old stuff we were ripping out! Thank goodness it was one of the first questions our builder asked!

We used Eco Skips who were so easy to deal with and answered my e-mails straight away – we’d highly recommend them! We ended up with a 2m squared skip for a tidy sum of $140 for 7 days. This was awesome but in hindsight we could probably have used a bigger skip – it’s amazing how quickly they fill up, and we didn’t even put some of the big stuff in like the bath and old hot water cylinder.

You hear so many horror stories from people who are renovating, especially bathrooms and wet areas and find horrible surprises. I was so hoping that we wouldn’t be one of them, as all it means is that the work takes longer and costs that much more. I was expecting a bit of rot in the floorboards under the bath, as the previous owners had fixed a leak from the bath tap there a while back, and everything was so gross and moldy… luck was on our side though! All things considered, most of the timer was pretty dry but to be on the safe side we did replace some of the softer studs and dwangs.

Another cool thing we uncovered was the result of the Air Foam we had installed last winter… this is the wall insulation that they pump in from the outside which saves you having to remove the gib from every single room (that’s another whole blog post though really)… Anyway, it was interesting to see whether it really did fill the gaps… I was pretty impressed…

Matt beginning the demolition

The old HEAVY bath coming out

Number 1 helper

Air Foam - not bad!

Air Foam

Almost to the top


4 Responses to “Bathroom Diaries – Part 2”

  1. Matt 20 July 2010 at 11:42 am #

    You should have pointed out that the (controversially) awarded “number 1 helper” was shut out of the bathroom at the time of the demo for safety reasons and somehow popped up under the house as seen in the photo, through the hole where the bath pipes went because he couldn’t bear to miss out on all the action.

    • Matt 20 July 2010 at 12:03 pm #

      I also note that you were pretty impressed by the airfoam. This is despite the fact that in the (conservatively estimated) 2m of exterior wall in the bathroom, they missed one full cavity floor to ceiling (see the left hand side of the middle photo – dark empty void). The airfoam sales person emphasised to us at the time we were considering the option, and we asked about doing one wall at a time, that there was no point doing one wall as this would not be effective. If they missed one cavity in the small part of the house that we have seen, how many did they miss in the rest of the house and how good was the job they did?

      • Ros 20 July 2010 at 12:05 pm #

        Mattie… perhaps you should log in and get yourself blogging… since you’ve got heaps to say.. go on!! 🙂


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