Bathroom Diaries – Part 3

4 Aug

Ok so we’re taking a while to get to the point here, we’re aware of it… especially since so many of you keep hitting us up for the final, finished photos, which is why this post will be a bit shorter and hopefully sweeter!

When we left you last time it was demo time, now that the messy part (or one of at least) is done and dusted it’s time for everything to start coming together.  First off, one of the most important parts… we need to decide where everything is going to go while the wall linings are off i.e. taps, lights, fan, plugs (you get the point).  We also needed to make sure that our builder knew where we were putting shelving so we could make sure there were dwangs in the right place behind the wall.  (For the non-builders amongst us, me included a dwang is a bit of wood behind the gib for stuff to screw into!).

Once that was all done and the bath was in (YAY!) it was time to get batting, that was Matt’s job for sure (see below for a pic of some late night batting!).  and then the fun stuff happened… the wall linings went on!  It was so cool to see it all taking shape, it gave us a real insight into what it would look like finished and the size of the room we were working with (the space always looks so different to what you think).

So that is part 3 for you all… probably only a couple more parts till the big reveal (it’s coming we promise!)… and in the meantime I leave you with the photos…  TA DAAAA!!!…

The plumbing for the shower in

Masses of 'dwangs' for the super heavy vanity

The bath is in... YAY!!

Late night batting

The wall linings up!

The wall linings up!


2 Responses to “Bathroom Diaries – Part 3”

  1. kates 4 August 2010 at 5:32 pm #

    very very unfair after Caros rather descriptive squeals of enthuse to omit the final product! on another note – spank the plastic…….dildo???? x

  2. Ros 4 August 2010 at 8:39 pm #

    Haha thanks Kate, not long to wait now… I’ll get blogging for ya’ll!

    And no… spank the plastic as in spend up large using your plastic, as in not cash – you funny girl! x

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