Bathroom Diaries – Part 4

5 Aug

Since we seemed to have so much interest in our last post, it seemed only fair to reward all our lovely loyal readers with more more more (lucky you!).

We’re getting down to the fun part now, where everything begins to come together… But before we do that (always a but), we’ve got a little video for you.  Some may very well find this boring, but some (like nosey old me) appreciate this kind of thing.  It lets you see the space we’re working with, which is 2m x 1.8m (i.e. small)

We also had another big job done next (after the plastering), the tiling.  We’re again really lucky to have a great friend who has his own tiling company, and he just so happens to be an amazing tiler!  Something I didn’t realise was how long the tiling process takes, even if it’s not a massive job.  First of all the walls need to be waterproofed, which is basically painting on thick, gloopy blue stuff which needs 24 hours to dry, and then you do another coat.  That’s 2 days just there before any tiles have even been glued on!

Something to note, that crossed my mind was the fact that it may seem easy enough to do this part yourself, but the best thing about having someone like KJ Tiling do it for you is that you get a guarantee with it so there’s no need to worry about anything going wrong, and if it does you’ve got a backstop which is awesome peace of mind!

So once the waterproofing is nice and dry, the tiles can be glued down.  This took about a day and a half for the area that we covered and that was with 2 guys working on it, and they did such a great job!  Then, once the glue is dry (another 24 hours), it’s time to grout.  We chose a light grey grout for a couple of reasons… We figured it wouldn’t discolour as easily as white would, and also it tied in nicely with our vanity top (you’ll see!)

I did a fair amount of research (as I do) into the tiles we used.  We ended up with going with plain white gloss from Tile Direct which I’m really pleased with.  The main tiles are 20 cm x 40 cm and the smaller ones are 20 cm x 31.6 cm spaced out so you can’t see the joins.   I learnt a whole lot about tiles when I was out shopping, the main things being:

  • Buy all your tiles at once, and buy too many if need be (always allow for wastage).  Not all tile batches are the same so even though they may be ‘white’ the tinting in each batch might vary slightly.  Then if you fall short and need more you might end up with some slightly different to the others.
  • Make sure you buy a grout sealer (only about $20) and seal your grout straight away, this will stop it from being porous and discolouring.  Make sure that you only use it on glazed tiles and don’t let it dry on the tiles.  The best thing to do is to use a tiny paint brush and paint it on to save ruining your tiles.  I’m suprised at the amount of people that don’t do this, or know to do this.
  • Always ask for a discount (this doesn’t just apply to tiles people)… try working with the mantra that if you don’t ask you don’t get.  We saved so much just by asking everyone if they can sharpen their pencil a bit, and I can’t think of anyone who didn’t.  Success!
  • The more grout you need (i.e. smaller tiles or mosaics) will make an area appear smaller, which is why we opted for larger tiles with a smaller feature tile, instead of a whole wall of them as we were initially going to to.

We’re so pleased with the end result, and everyone who comes in says how great the tiling looks (even the builders say it’s some of the best they’ve seen), so in my opinion it was worth the wait (it took a good 5 days or so for that part to be done).

A wee side note… sorry about the photo quality, we had to take them all at night

Blue waterproofing peeking through and some tiling without grout

Tiles up with grout beginning to dry

All coming together now


3 Responses to “Bathroom Diaries – Part 4”

  1. Donna 6 August 2010 at 9:24 pm #

    Looks great guys i love the way you have used the small titles, getting closer

    • Ros 10 August 2010 at 8:48 am #

      Thanks Donna, we’re so pleased with it! Sad to see the pink go but we’ll always have a reminder, since the remainder of the original paint is still under the house!

      We hope all is good with you and Sammy, we saw photos from Karo’s trip, looked fun! Hopefully we see some pics of your new tile strips up at some stage too. xoxo

  2. Matt A 14 August 2010 at 2:54 am #

    Guys, looks rad, can’t wait to see the final result. With such good/nice tile Ros, I reckon you could push for a multi shower head shower…? What does Ralph think of the progress?

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