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Bathroom Diaries – Part 5

20 Aug

The time has come… After all of this I hope we haven’t built it up too much, it is just a bathroom after all!

We’re not going to go into too much detail for this post as it’s mainly about the photos, so they’ll be nice and big).  There will be another post following this (no promises how soon after) which will give the detail of what we’ve used and of course the amount we ended up spending.

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Bathroom Diaries – Part 4

5 Aug

Since we seemed to have so much interest in our last post, it seemed only fair to reward all our lovely loyal readers with more more more (lucky you!).

We’re getting down to the fun part now, where everything begins to come together… But before we do that (always a but), we’ve got a little video for you.  Some may very well find this boring, but some (like nosey old me) appreciate this kind of thing.  It lets you see the space we’re working with, which is 2m x 1.8m (i.e. small)

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Bathroom Diaries – Part 3

4 Aug

Ok so we’re taking a while to get to the point here, we’re aware of it… especially since so many of you keep hitting us up for the final, finished photos, which is why this post will be a bit shorter and hopefully sweeter!

When we left you last time it was demo time, now that the messy part (or one of at least) is done and dusted it’s time for everything to start coming together.  First off, one of the most important parts… we need to decide where everything is going to go while the wall linings are off i.e. taps, lights, fan, plugs (you get the point).  We also needed to make sure that our builder knew where we were putting shelving so we could make sure there were dwangs in the right place behind the wall.  (For the non-builders amongst us, me included a dwang is a bit of wood behind the gib for stuff to screw into!).

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Bathroom Diaries – Part 2

19 Jul

Luckily for us one of Matt’s friends is a builder and he agreed to help us out in his weekends and after work to get our bathroom done. This was awesome as it would keep the renovation costs way down and the workmanship way up! So with him on board, a long with the plumber and sparkey he’s organised for us it was all on!!

First things first though… the pink had to go…

One of the funnest, messiest and satisfying part of any renovation is surely the demolition stage! For me though, this was one of the parts that I overlooked when I was organising everything for our renovation… rubbish disposal. It didn’t really cross my mind about where we were going to dump all the old stuff we were ripping out! Thank goodness it was one of the first questions our builder asked!

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Bathroom Diaries – Part 1

17 Jul

As many of you know (since I’ve been banging on about it for SO long now) our bathroom is in desperate need of a bit of TLC, and when I say TLC I more mean a total and utter face lift!

The  time has finally come, after about a year of planning (with a few breaks in between) to get started, but before we get down to the nitty gritty it’s only fair for me to share with you the way we were.  This is probably the most important step, because without it, it would be difficult to really appreciate the final result now, wouldn’t it?!

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Less Lion & Witch – More Wardrobe!

25 Sep

I’ve managed to fill you in on our bedroom scenario just in time for my next post (no accident there!)….

As mentioned we’ve been living sans wardrobe for about 2-3 months now and we’ve had clothes stashed in our room, the 2 spare rooms, hallway and dining room… mayhem!!

Yesterday was one of the most exciting day’s I’ve had in a while… our wardrobe was FINALLY installed – YAY!!

Again to give you a bit of background… I’m quite big on doing my research and things were no different when it came to my new wardrobe (ok, our new wardrobe… I’ve got to stop doing that!)  I made a trip to the Home Ideas Centre in Petone and spend a lot of time online.  All I found at the Home Ideas Centre was a stand for Boston Wardrobes in Petone which looked quite good.  I also found Innovative Interiors and the Elfa system online.  These 3 made up my shortlist and we went from there.

One thing I soon realised about wardrobes were that they are more expensive than I once thought!  And even though the result is fantastic, I still struggle with this a bit!  keep on reading…

Extreme Makeover – Karori Edition

23 Sep

This is one seriously exciting thing that’s happened to me lately(ish)… A quick background…

My friend was marred in Rarotonga in July this year, and unfortunately due to the time of year Mattie couldn’t get leave.  He dropped me off at the airport at about 5am and I flew off into the sunrise with all my girls and had 5 fantastic nights in paradise.

Meanwhile back at the ranch…  Instead of going back to bed before work, Matt set about clearing EVERYTHING out of our bedroom, bed and all!  The next 4 days were spend not only working long days, but burning the midnight oil.  With massive thanks to his friend Mark (who’s a plaster/painter by trade and is now almost finished his building apprenticeship), some friend, and his mum and dad our bedroom now looks absolutely stunning!  (Before I continue, I should mention that I had no idea that any of this was going on!)

Read on for details and the usual before & after pics