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Get a haircut and get a real… dog?

23 Nov

Ok, so I’m seriously trying to get back on the blogging band wagon, so in order to do this what else is there to write about other than my beloved pooch?!

Ralph, my wee Shih-Tzu x Schipperke had some serious facial hair, and no, he wasn’t doing Movember!  I’m new to the dog grooming thing, as my last dog was a boxer who didn’t need any maintenance at all.  I was recommended a groomer out in Miramar called Smooch Pooch… cute! Continue reading


Don’t Fence Me In

21 Sep

I feel like I’ve got so much to blog about at the moment so I’m going to get another one off my chest!!

We got Ralph (the dog) about 4 weeks ago now and we’ve had to take him out to the loo on a lead because our house isn’t fully fenced… yet!  We had a super productive weekend, and thanks to the ripper weather on Sunday we managed to knock up a fence so we’re now officially one step closer… Ralph’s stoked, he told me so!

Although Matt’s an accountant, he’s pretty darn practical around the house .  After a couple of trips outside, coffee, a measuring tape, calculator, more coffee and a super drawing we were armed with a shopping list.  We made a quick trip down to Placemakers on Thorndon Quay and $94  later we were at home with all we needed to get cracking!

As you can see it’s holding up pretty well… Continue reading