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A New Chapter

11 May

A lot has changed since my last post… We’ve planned and had an incredibe wedding, lost loved ones and started new journeys.

That said, it’s time for a new chapter in our lives.  The new chapter comes in the form of a new blog – one we’ve started together.  It was originally our wedding website to give everyone information about the big day and had morphed, as planned, into our somewhat infrequent diary of our lives.

We hope you enjoy it and continue to follow our journey with us, as this will be the last post on Spank the Plastic – it’s been fun!

See you over at

R x



7 Months Later…

18 Mar

My how time flys when you’re having fun!

First off, apologies for the terrible blogging frequency – or lack there of.  As they say in the online world ‘content is king’… not sure what that makes us, perhaps the court jester?

Anyway, a quick run down of what has happend since I wrote last…

  • WE’RE ENGAGED!  That’s pretty much the most exciting thing that’s come out of our pad lately.  It’s a super exciting time for us and althogh bride-zilla hasn’t reared her ugly head yet there is definitly time for her to make an appearance…  Watch this space!
  • We have another dog!  Yeup that’s right, our clan grew by another furry little body who (sometimes) answers to the name Radar.  We knew it was love when we first saw him… We found him on the same day we got engaged (we saw him first), and when he looked at us with those familiar little eyes – yes him and Ralph could almost be blood brothers (almost).  He’s 1/2 Australian Terrier , 1/4 Maltese and 1/4 Shitz-tzu and will no doubt have a few posts dedicated to him in the not too distant future.
  • We both (Matt & I) have new jobs – I know it’s all go!  Matt is still working his abicus only this time at Infratil and I’m still in the world of online advertising – this time at Trade Me!
  • We’ve seen through Christmas Eve at Matt’s parents’ house in Whitby and Christmas day at my mum and dad’s in the Wairarapa.
  • New Years was spent at my friend Jen and Dave’s for Dave’s 30th birthday and Matt was with his mates destroying our old flat in Hataitai.

So it seems that this year any blog posts that we get around to will no doubt be focused on the palava that is palanning our wedding – so hold on tight and enjoy!

R x

PS: I have to make a special mention of my friend Jen who has entered the world of blogging (due to her brother nagging her) which has inspired me to get back on the blogging band wagon, and to freshen up the look and feel of Spank The Plastic – so thanks Jen x


16 Jul

To those of you who are reading this entry, I thank you…  And while I have your attention, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce the newest Spank The Plastic contributor…   none other than my beloved Matt.

Continue reading

Worst blogger in history…

29 Oct

Ok, so I’m kinda sucking at blogging lately… sorry!!

This is just a tiny wee blog entry to make me feel better about myself for not blogging, and it’s also a public promise that I’ll keep going (no pressure Ros!). Anyway, I’ve got a bit to blog about, including but not limited to… our new bedside drawers, the weekend that was Labour weekend (and the list of jobs that didn’t get done!) and much much more exciting topics (I’d better think of some!) Continue reading

Samoa Quake & Tsunami (updated)

30 Sep

I’m feeling a bit emotional about all of this news this morning.  I was totally fine, until I had a look at Google Maps Aftermath of Samoa Quake.

There is a post there which reads:

Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa

Last Updated 14 minutes ago

Kiwi Lyall Preston sees the bodies of three children in the aftermath.  A nearby hotel and restaurant have been destroyed.

This is such sad news!  Matt and I were there in February and stayed at the Sinalei.  It is a truly beautiful place and the people were amazing.  It is right next door to Coconuts resort and between the two resorts is a local restaurant called Lupe’s.  I hope all is ok here… it was such a precious spot, where our meal was made in the family’s home kitchen!

We have some beautiful memories here and things like this can really turn a place like Samoa upside down.  Here is a shot of our lovely Lupe’s and a few more to boot…  Continue reading

Under Pressure

21 Sep

The power of Twitter really is quite amazing… I replied to a message with my blog URL and today (according to my blog stats), I’m feeling rather popular, yay!!  No doubt the popularity will take a severe dip once people have had their initial visit, read, nosy round and then never return again!

Don’t get me wrong, I really do want people to keep visiting, it’s just that I feel like I wasn’t really ready to go public.. come out of the closet if you will.

My plan was to get a good few posts under my belt, both for interesting reading (everyone knows content is king) but also to give myself a chance to get used to the idea of blogging.  Oh well, there’s nothing like being under a bit of social pressure to get a girl blogging, right?!

So, the moral of the story… Add me to your favourites, follow me on Twitter and as Apu would say, ‘thank you, come again’.