16 Jul

To those of you who are reading this entry, I thank you…  And while I have your attention, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce the newest Spank The Plastic contributor…   none other than my beloved Matt.

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The Fruits Of My Labour – Part 2

28 Jun

So as promised in my last post I’d share the outcome of what was our first season of vege growers.

I so looked forward to coming home from work each day to head out the back to check the progress of my little green babies… How much can change in a day I hear you say?  Well when you’ve got courgettes the size of this puppy, you’d be amazed!…

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The Fruits of my Labour – Part 1

19 Apr

Ok, first things first – let’s not ignore the massive elephant in the room… I haven’t blogged since Christmas and it’s now April.  Yes, very good – may we move on please?…

I’ve always been a keen gardener and with the kiwi dream of owning our own home now realised it was obvious what the next step was… my very own patch in which to attempt growing some veges – stoked!  It may have taken a couple of years but when Labour weekend was looming close I started at poor Matt to pretty please build me a vege garden, as all good gardeners know your tomatoes need to be in on Labour weekend and I didn’t want to be late for such an important garden date. Continue reading

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

2 Dec

I have to admit, I’m usually a bit of a Christmas junkie but this year I’ve really struggled to get into the festive swing of things.  I’m not too sure why but I feel like it’s crept up on me and I haven’t had a chance to be excited by it yet.  That said, I really love my Christmas tree and get really excited when the time rolls round when I can display it in all it’s glory!

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Get a haircut and get a real… dog?

23 Nov

Ok, so I’m seriously trying to get back on the blogging band wagon, so in order to do this what else is there to write about other than my beloved pooch?!

Ralph, my wee Shih-Tzu x Schipperke had some serious facial hair, and no, he wasn’t doing Movember!  I’m new to the dog grooming thing, as my last dog was a boxer who didn’t need any maintenance at all.  I was recommended a groomer out in Miramar called Smooch Pooch… cute! Continue reading

Worst blogger in history…

29 Oct

Ok, so I’m kinda sucking at blogging lately… sorry!!

This is just a tiny wee blog entry to make me feel better about myself for not blogging, and it’s also a public promise that I’ll keep going (no pressure Ros!). Anyway, I’ve got a bit to blog about, including but not limited to… our new bedside drawers, the weekend that was Labour weekend (and the list of jobs that didn’t get done!) and much much more exciting topics (I’d better think of some!) Continue reading

Samoa Quake & Tsunami (updated)

30 Sep

I’m feeling a bit emotional about all of this news this morning.  I was totally fine, until I had a look at Google Maps Aftermath of Samoa Quake.

There is a post there which reads:

Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa

Last Updated 14 minutes ago

Kiwi Lyall Preston sees the bodies of three children in the aftermath.  A nearby hotel and restaurant have been destroyed.

This is such sad news!  Matt and I were there in February and stayed at the Sinalei.  It is a truly beautiful place and the people were amazing.  It is right next door to Coconuts resort and between the two resorts is a local restaurant called Lupe’s.  I hope all is ok here… it was such a precious spot, where our meal was made in the family’s home kitchen!

We have some beautiful memories here and things like this can really turn a place like Samoa upside down.  Here is a shot of our lovely Lupe’s and a few more to boot…  Continue reading