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The Fruits Of My Labour – Part 2

28 Jun

So as promised in my last post I’d share the outcome of what was our first season of vege growers.

I so looked forward to coming home from work each day to head out the back to check the progress of my little green babies… How much can change in a day I hear you say?  Well when you’ve got courgettes the size of this puppy, you’d be amazed!…

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The Fruits of my Labour – Part 1

19 Apr

Ok, first things first – let’s not ignore the massive elephant in the room… I haven’t blogged since Christmas and it’s now April.  Yes, very good – may we move on please?…

I’ve always been a keen gardener and with the kiwi dream of owning our own home now realised it was obvious what the next step was… my very own patch in which to attempt growing some veges – stoked!  It may have taken a couple of years but when Labour weekend was looming close I started at poor Matt to pretty please build me a vege garden, as all good gardeners know your tomatoes need to be in on Labour weekend and I didn’t want to be late for such an important garden date. Continue reading