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Less Lion & Witch – More Wardrobe!

25 Sep

I’ve managed to fill you in on our bedroom scenario just in time for my next post (no accident there!)….

As mentioned we’ve been living sans wardrobe for about 2-3 months now and we’ve had clothes stashed in our room, the 2 spare rooms, hallway and dining room… mayhem!!

Yesterday was one of the most exciting day’s I’ve had in a while… our wardrobe was FINALLY installed – YAY!!

Again to give you a bit of background… I’m quite big on doing my research and things were no different when it came to my new wardrobe (ok, our new wardrobe… I’ve got to stop doing that!)  I made a trip to the Home Ideas Centre in Petone and spend a lot of time online.  All I found at the Home Ideas Centre was a stand for Boston Wardrobes in Petone which looked quite good.  I also found Innovative Interiors and the Elfa system online.  These 3 made up my shortlist and we went from there.

One thing I soon realised about wardrobes were that they are more expensive than I once thought!  And even though the result is fantastic, I still struggle with this a bit!  keep on reading…