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Hit the deck

17 Sep

Righto, so I figure it’s only natural to pick up where I left off… that way I can get up to speed on where we’re at and I can start blogging instead of writing diary entries (yawn, I know!)

So… Last summer we decided we were ready to undertake our first real project on our place, I was going for a new bathroom and Matt was angling for a deck out the back, an exterior ‘man cave’  if you will. I think you can tell from the title who won that one!

We’ve got a few friends who are tradies so we asked around and ended up having a friend of a friend who was available pre-xmas to knock up a deck for us. This was awesome, considering Matt thought he might be able to do it (OK so he’s pretty handy around the place but not that handy!) Read on to see the after photos


Love Shack

16 Sep

Ok, so since this blog is meant to be about our little house I suppose it’s only fair that I share it with you.  You’ve caught me at a good time actually, since we haven’t done a lot to it yet!

Here’s the background… I’ve always wanted to own a house and I started my search from quite a young age (I probably first thought about it when I was about 22).  Anyway, after convincing myself that I could afford it by myself I spoke to a mortgage broker.  Basically I found out that with the loan I had for my car at the time there really was no way I could afford it (reality check!).  Then, later down the line I met Matt.  We’d been dating for a while and I bought up the idea of buying a house.  Not that he’s commitment-phobe or anything but he really didn’t want to.  In the end (you’ll learn this about me), I somehow twisted his arm and I got what I wanted! See pics & keep reading…