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Love Shack

16 Sep

Ok, so since this blog is meant to be about our little house I suppose it’s only fair that I share it with you.  You’ve caught me at a good time actually, since we haven’t done a lot to it yet!

Here’s the background… I’ve always wanted to own a house and I started my search from quite a young age (I probably first thought about it when I was about 22).  Anyway, after convincing myself that I could afford it by myself I spoke to a mortgage broker.  Basically I found out that with the loan I had for my car at the time there really was no way I could afford it (reality check!).  Then, later down the line I met Matt.  We’d been dating for a while and I bought up the idea of buying a house.  Not that he’s commitment-phobe or anything but he really didn’t want to.  In the end (you’ll learn this about me), I somehow twisted his arm and I got what I wanted! See pics & keep reading…